101 Sex Positions

Author: Samm Taylor

Detailed description:

Nothing spices up a couple's sex life faster and easier than a new position, and opening the pages of 101 Sex Positions is like pouring gasoline on a fire. This sensually illustrated book guides lovers from the straightforward to the adventurous, from the bed to the table, and from "Who's on top?" to who's kneeling, standing, crouching, and holding which limb where. 101 Sex Positions emphasizes the fun, adventure, and enjoyment of experimenting with previously unexplored pleasures. From the Wheelbarrow, Hammock, and Deckchair to the Trapeze, Spinning Top, and Italian Chandelier, each position is fully illustrated and explained in detail. This attractive and useful design makes it easy for lovers to perfect each new position physically, and then quickly move on to sharing the pleasure and sexual intimacy it creates.