Sizzle ! 101 Sexual Positions for Lovers

Sizzle! 101 Sexual Positions for Lovers from Sinclair Institute. Filmed in tropical Jamaica - Nothing spices up a sex life more than trying a new position! THIS FUN & SEXY FILM was shot on location in beautiful Jamaica. Hosted by sexuality educator, Jamye Waxman, M. Ed., known for her energy and irreverent humor"” 101 Positions for Lovers will take you on an exploration of sexy variations from the basics of missionary to erotic "sexual gymnastics" for the adventuresome! You'll be introduced to positions you've never thought of trying, demonstrated by three attractive, real couples. See positions to help a woman reach orgasm and help a man last longer plus positions that work best for certain body types. 101 Positions for Lovers shows lovemaking as a sharing, fun, sensual, highly erotic experience in beautiful settings! 65 minutes.