Tickle My Tush

Tickle My Tush

Author: Dr. Sadie Allison

Detailed description:

The pleasures you seek are right behind you!

After years of detailed research, Dr. Sadie brings us a new and exciting approach to this wonderful world of intimate lovemaking while dispelling the mysteries, breaking away from the taboos and answering every question you ever had about “buttplay”!

This comprehensive guide goes beyond penetration and discusses everything from butt foreplay to “ohhh-so-close-but not quite penetration thrills”, truly offering a guide for everyone from the beginner to the most experienced buttplay enthusiast. Chapters include:

· Heinie Hygiene

· Lick-O-Lingus

· Strap-on Seduction

· Positions of Pleasure

Filled with over 50 tasteful illustrations that show readers both how to give, and receive this delightful gift of sensation with ease! This is the perfect addition to your anal play selections and a great addition to your Dr. Sadie collection!

Number of Pages -140
Type of Cover - Paperback