About Me...

My name is Susan Compton and I am the Founder of Elegant Pleasures, I a single mother of two boys with 13 years of success in an insurance career, my life turned upside down after I was injured at a local store. After nine cervical spine surgeries, I lost my job. Two years after hosting a party, I found the Hostess packet and thought, Could I do this? I called and signed up that night! I started in December 2006. I sold for one of the leading companies in the Romance Business, and I am truly thankful to them for all of my training, knowledge and success. Thankfully I could make great money part time while healing. The best compliment I have received was when my Hostess told her husband that I'm excellent at what I do and can talk about sex as if I was explaining how to make iced tea. The best advice I can give to those working toward your "Goal's" is: Always follow up, coach your Hostess, set goals and be positive and passionate about your business.

After many years of Direct sales experience, I realized, if I can make them rich, why not help my own purse in the process. I met a wonderful man who is my business partner and in charge of all of the marketing & behind the scenes. I can honestly say "I JUST DO THOSE PARTIES"

I am also enrolled in Loveology University to become a Sexpert/Love Coach. I can help educate you & your partner with some very interesting very information.

About Us...

"Your Commitment is to Each other. Elegant Pleasure Parties commitment is to you!"

One thing that is so important in this business is that we need to educate the public without embarrassment. Not only do I come into your home to show you the newest trends and show you the difference between Sexuality & Sensuality in the bedroom.


Enhancing Relationships

Our product line is meant to enhance relationships using both sensual touch products, such as oils, lotions and couples toys. Our products help to discover and experiment with your sexual side. It is often difficult to discover new and exciting ways to ignite the fire between couples without outside help. Shopping in public retail stores is often not an option for most people. Our collection of personal vibrators and couples toys will enhance any relationship and our trained Romance Specialists will guide you through the selecting of the perfect toy. By hosting a party for your friends, you open up an entire new experience on how to enhance their existing relationships.


Sexual Education

Unfortunately, most of us lack the basic knowledge of our own bodies and the knowledge about the opposite sex. Our school systems lack the right type of advanced sexual education that is needed for most people. The fact is, most people are misinformed about ones sexual health and well being. Hosting a Elegant Pleasure Party will expose your guests to some basics sexual health and educational topics. Discuss with your consultant what you would like covered prior to the party.

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