Submitted by: Pam from Baltimore


I am with someone I love and adore...he accepts and is open to having toys in our bedroom...I am so glad you did your catalog the way you did. I thoroughly enjoy sex now more than ever and love how you have included couples toys AND explained how they are used. It was nice for us to look at your catalog together and say "that would be good and work for us". Yes, I need some toys for myself...for both us to use on me, especially since he is having back surgery, but your catalog didn't leave us wondering what each toy was for or how it was to be used. Thank you for taking our insecurities out of the picture and putting our wants and needs first! Thanks Susan!

Submitted by: The Baltimore Bachelorette


"Boys will be boys, so girls need their toys"



"This past Saturday night I attended a sexy toy party at my friends Katie and Michelle's house. The party was hosted by Susan Compton of Elegant Pleasures by Susan. Susan is different from most other pleasure party hostesses because she doesnt rely on just one company to supply the products for her parties. She searches for products from all over and only selects the ones she thinks are the best! The party was a blast! Susan made it impossible for anyone to feel uncomfortable. She started off by having everyone choose names for themselves, firstly naming herself Slut. Some others in the crew were Kinky Katie, Anal Alice, Broken Rubber Rose, Cock Lobster, and yours truly opted for Tiny Gheiny. We tested a plethora of products from massage lotions that heat and taste that jolly ranchers, to a cream that turns to powder for men to put on their sweaty balls. LOL. Then of course the toys came out and god love my friend Michelle aka Cock Lobster who had a hilarious comment for each one. (we both actually ended up purchasing the same things at the end of the night LOL) The evening culminated with a round of erotic bingo in which when you one you had to yell "I just had an orgasm!" Definitely a fun time!


What is great about a party like this is that its a fun time to share with your girlfriends, whether single or married. It gets you all together and forces you to let loose and let go of any drama in your life. I mean, how can you be worried about gas prices or what preschool little Tommy will get into while holding a vibrator with a dolphin attached to it? You cant! So ladies, I highly recommend throwing one of these parties with your girlfriends. We all need a little outlet for fun, and there is nothing more fun than the silliness you will find at these parties...and the toys you will take home with you. (Plus she also had super cute frilly panties and petticoats! I got a purple satin and leopard one that I will totally be rocking out one night to the club!)


Thanks Susan for the awesome party and the penis peanut butter lollipops LOL, and Katie for throwing it and the awesome food spread! Can't wait til my stuff arrives! LOL!"



May 21, 2011

Susan I love your business mostly because you do such a fabulous job at what you do! The information and the education you provide are invaluable because you do it in such way its easy to ask questions. Plus of course you sell the most WONDERFUL products, Joe and I definitely enjoy some of them! :)

Lori from PA

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